Mendocino Woodlands, California
June 23-30, 2019

The 2019 California Witchcamp Story - Hekate and the Third Road

We meet the Queen of Witches in the ecstasy of grief. A Goddess inside and outside of time. Their hands carry us forward when our own will falters. Their grace is the wisdom that comes after the dark night of soul. Their strength is the power to face what must be seen.

From Their roots in the Nile, Heqet, Doula to Isis, is first known. A name, a shadow, whose tale is mostly lost. Time passes, the world changes, Godds move, discover and become. Heqet is reborn as Hekate, a child of the Persian Earth God, Perses and Asteria, the Titan Star Goddess. Emerging from Chaos In ancient Greece, home becomes Anatolia, where They become Hekate of the many names; Kourotrophos, child’s nurse, Dadouchos, torch-bearer, Chthonia, earthly one. As a Titan, under no command, even Zeus bows to Their far seeing wisdom. They become Queen of Earth, Sea and Sky. They, as the Great Initiator, guide the way through the Mysteries of death and rebirth, tell the secrets that must be told to break the spell. Guardian of the nursery becomes a guardian of travelers and crossroads. Greece falls, Rome rises, Hecate’s arc continues uninterrupted, new names are added. Triformis, three bodies, Trioditis, of the three ways, Soteria, savior, and more yet to come.

New faiths arrive on the scene. Hekate is found again at the crossroads of the burning times, protectress of Witches, where They guide Witches into fierce resistance. And so it goes, so it is, we land in the present day where we seek the third road, the way often unseen, the new way. We become the many revolutionary faces of Hekate.



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