Reclaiming Communities

Here are several Reclaiming-identified communities throughout North America, Western Europe, and Australia that are electronically accessible:

Australian Reclaiming Community - Melbourne, Australia

Baltimore Reclaiming - Baltimore, Maryland, US
email list:

BCWC - British Columbia, Canada

British Reclaiming - Great Britain, UK

Hive Tribe - Chicago, Illinois, US

The Dragon's Cauldron - Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Research Triangle, North Carolina, US

Gaia Reclaiming - Atlanta, Georgia, US

Heart of the Witch - online group spanning the US and Europe, but concentrating on Germany and The Netherlands

Kentucky Reclaiming (email address only) - Kentucky, US

Midwest Reclaiming - Midwest Region, US

Montreal Reclaiming - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Niedersachsen Reclaiming - Northern Germany

New York Reclaiming (email address only) - New York City, New York, US

North Bay Reclaiming - North Bay Region (Sebastopol), California, US

Portland Reclaiming - Portland, Oregon, US
email to subscribe to list.

Reclaiming Earth Activist Network - Europe - Pan-European

Reclaiming Deutschland - Germany

Reclaiming Espaņa - Spain

Reclaiming LA - Los Angeles, California, US
Facebook site: Reclaiming Los Angeles

Reclaiming Spirit - Denver, Colorado, US

San Francisco Bay Area Reclaiming - San Francisco, California, US
email list:

Seattle Reclaiming - Seattle, Washington State, US

SpiralHeart - Mid to South Atlantic states, US
email list:
Facebook site:SpiralHeart

Suisse romande (email address only) - Switzerland

Suomi Helena Kivela (email address only) - Finland

Tejas Web - Southeastern Texas, US

Toronto Reclaiming Community - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Trillium Reclaiming - Southeastern Michigan, US

Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming - Minneapolis / St. Paul region, Minnesota, US
email list:

Vancouver Reclaiming - Vancouver, BC, Canada

VWC - Vermont, US

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