Springbrook Plateau, Queensland
April 1-5. 2021
All ages
CloudCatcher WitchCamp is a four day magical intensive in the Reclaiming Tradition. This gathering offers an intensive experience in Reclaiming magic for all who seek to nurture deeper bonds with this land and community. It is informed by the beautiful landscapes of the Mt Warning Caldera, otherwise known as CloudCatcher.

We work with magic and community. Fusing intensive daily pathwork with spectacular evening rituals, we cultivate relationships with the natural surrounds to create a unique experience. We welcome newcomers as well as long-time practitioners of Earth-based spiritualities. The Camp offers a chance to gain new skills and hone old ones, to build the awareness desired as witch and priestess, and to develop the tools and knowledge to carry this work out into the world. WitchCamps are extraordinary events for extraordinary people!

 CloudCatcher WitchCamp is held on the Springbrook Plateau, halfway between Brisbane and Byron Bay.

Cloudcatcher this year is completely on line and is full.



Theme of CloudCatcher 2021~

Roots of fire draw wisdom from darkness

Twisting, turning through rot, exchange, and growth

Listening, tending, alive--love is renewed


~Story of CloudCatcher 2021~

Iron Becoming Pearl

The darkness is alive.

She is aware, of Nothing, of the Infinite. She desires to Become, to Know Herself in All Hir Parts.

The Star Goddess stirs. Desire moves within Hir. Primal sounds of pleasure and wonder ripple through the Void as

She beholds Hirself in the curved, dark mirror of Space. They fall into one another, those Primordial Partners -

Sex becomes Self becomes Passion becomes Pride becomes Power…

Sex moves to Pride leaps to Self flows to Power cascades to Passion…

And all returns to Sex.

As we journey with the Iron Pentacle we discover there are Mysteries unfolding...

Out of Sex, the intimacy of life-force, which connects us to each other

and to our depths and heights - comes Love.

From Pride, through presence, perception and precision, arises Law.

Emerging from Self, in silence and immersion, Wisdom.

Arising from right relationship with Power sings Liberation!

And within the grit of Passion… the pearl of Knowledge.

The Work of the Iron Pentacle reveals the Pearl.

How do we, as bodies within bodies within bodies,

as beings among beings, commit to the points of Pearl?

Love - Wisdom - Knowledge - Law - Liberty.

Somewhere between being and becoming, between longing and belonging, is a magic that may be exactly the medicine for right now.

A radical magic that revolutionises our selves, our relationships with one another, and our relationship with the Earth.

This is the work of a life-time. This is the work of lifetimes.

*The Iron and Pearl Pentacles arise from the Anderson Feri Witchcraft Tradition,

as taught by Cora and Victor Anderson from the 1940s until their deaths.

Feri is one root of Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft, and two of our Core Classes

are devoted to the work of Iron and Pearl respectively.

We honour our Mighty Dead within this magical lineage.

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