Spiralheart Witchcamp

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, Artemas, PA
Janet and Tam Lin
July 10-16, 2017/h4>

"Listen. In holding the change, we are changed. For Love, we move the Mysteries. For Love, we accept the consequences. We do what must be done. Listen.”

What you can expect at camp

Mornings are for Exploration.
You’ll choose a path to concentrate upon from a variety of offerings, ranging from introductory to advanced skills-work. Your path facilitators, through a variety of methods, will assist your development of a deep connection with the Earth and your allies/companions and guide you as you learn new skill sets.

Afternoons are for Reflection. You’ll be able to talk about what you’re experiencing with the members of your affinity group. You’ll hike through lush woodlands, bask in the warming sun or take a refreshing dip in a stream. And you’ll have opportunities to learn new skills and crafts.

Evenings are for Celebration. You’ll join with the rest of the camp as we co-create a living, vibrant community through rich, deeply moving ritual. The rituals are planned by our ritual arc team, based on the week’s intention, and provide campers with the opportunity to share the ongoing work of their particular path.

Accommodations: Tenting is the primary housing accommodation at Four Quarters. There are 2 different spaces for those who wish to camp; the upper and lower tenting areas. The lower tenting area is accessible by a gravel covered slope which may pose a challenge for those with mobility issues. Individual tent spots in the lower area are surrounded by lush greenery and a lovely stream that runs through 4 Quarters. The upper tenting area is more centrally located to the main areas of camp (dining hall, ritual space etc) and may be more comfortable for those with mobility issues.

There is also some indoor housing in the form of a bunkhouse (sometimes called the dorm). The dorm has 16 bunks (half of which are wheelchair accessible) and a limited number of private rooms (most of which are located on the upper floor). It is a multi-gender “open-air” building (windows are covered with screens, not glass) and is located in the campgrounds near a bathhouse.

If you need help making your housing work, please contact us. We are committed to providing assistance to those who wish to attend but need some help in making their accommodations work.

Who will share your experience

We Encourage And Celebrate Diversity. You can expect to share your week with people of all races, sexes, lifestyles and sexual orientations. The only restriction to participation is a minimum age of 18; and, further, Spiralheart reserves the right to refuse attendance to anyone the organization feels may threaten the physical and/or magical safety of another attendee.

We are deep in the planning process for our 2017 camp -- please check out our website for more info: http://www.spiralheart.org/camp

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