WitchCamp Council Tasks and Services

Consensed at WCC November meeting, 2005


Coordinating WCC meetings
Scheduling in advance of online and face to face meetings
Communications between all members of the WCC
Orientation to WCC
Distribution of Newcomer package
Orientation for all at the beginning of each meeting
Holding our spiritual identity as Reclaiming Witch camps as we grow and change
On going examination what is a Reclaiming camp...
Developing systems of tithing
Developing and maintaining accountable WCC structures
Coordination of the sharing resources; advertising and other information
Overview, Development & Planning
Maintaining a bird's eye view of the whole of the Witch camp web - Camp Reports
Addressing camp concerns
Problem solving
Making recommendations
Sharing knowledge and resources
Teacher database
Optional offerings on skills for camps
Maintaining Cornucopia
Current Policy Development Subcommittees:
Maintaining a long view of who we are and where we want to go
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