We welcome you to Cornucopia. This site is a collection of materials offered by Reclaiming members with the intention of inspiring, growing, and/or educating Reclaiming camps, guilds, and communities worldwide. They represent current Reclaiming thinking.  The Principles of Unity is the only document that has been consensed upon by the Reclaiming Community as a whole. The POU may be viewed via the Reclaiming Tradition on the home page of

These materials are available for public use as long as they consent to the usage agreements that are presented in the download and upload sections of Cornucopia.

Anyone may view these materials. If you wish to download or upload any of the materials, click on the appropriate links below.

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You may download material from Cornucopia freely.  However, you MUST agree

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 Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


 *These materials are to be used in the spirit of the Reclaiming Principles of Unity as consensed upon at Birch council meeting of Dandelion Gathering 5 in 2012. When using any of the curriculum for a class or workshop, it is to be co-taught.

Your document MUST be in pdf format and virus-free.

A set of people (the librarians) are notified about proposal uploads, and empowered to approve them. Any one librarian can approve a document as long as the document is not Spam or possibly contains a virus.

Any librarian can disapprove such a document, at which point it is removed from publication. They will inform the librarians group of their decision and why. The librarian group as a whole must reach consensus whether to publish or not. If the librarians cannot reach consensus, the decision goes to the WCC. At any time the WCC can override the decision of the librarians at which point the librarians implement the Council’s decision.

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