Aurora Borealis

Central Alberta



Standing in the stillness, then spiraling ever in and out, we dance the wheel and return to Centre. We anchor to our deepest parts of self, centre in love, and radiate into the worlds. 

There is a place for you here, in this kaleidoscope of possibility.  

There is a place for you here, in the cauldron of all that was, is and can be. 

*ABWC Background and Context: We began our magical journey in 2014 with Earth, then Air, Fire, and Water. This is the fifth year of the Aurora Borealis Witch Camp; we continue our five year theme of working with the Elements of Magic. For 2018 we turn to Centre with a focus on love. We expect between 20-30 campers. 

The visioning team is clear that love is a big part of this work. Self love, divine love, love of the earth and humanity. We are hoping for a Teaching Team whose experience and skills include: Trauma Informed Facilitation, Shadow Work, Music, and Trance

For information about our previous intentions and camps, please click here. You may also request the notes detailing our 2018 vision process.   

Location: TBA

Treaty 7 extends across much of Southern Alberta, traditional land of the Nakoda, Kainai, Piikani, Siksika, and Tsuu T’ina people. Treaties were made with the intent that land would be shared. As we travel, celebrate, are nourished, and live on this land we are treaty members and uphold our responsibility to the land and its original inhabitants.

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