Springbrook Plateau, Queensland
18 april -22 April, 2019
All ages

CloudCatcher 2018 - Theme and Myth


Our bellies open, the wild floods in …

Embodying deep listening in a play of many forms, our hearts open and connection tumbles out.

Our story ever emerging, honey-drenched and light of wing, we move with the wild into the world.


Hermes and the Bee Maidens.

Clever magician, playful trickster, noble thief, tender of souls,
liminal herald! 
Edge-crossing, mind-bending, form-shifting! 
Swift-growing - born of the Mountain - child of Maia.
After reconciling with their brother Apollo, Hermes journeys to Mount Parnassus, famed as a place of poetry and prophecy.
There to meet with, li
sten to, learn from, the triumvirate Bee Maidens
- identities surrounded in mystery:
wild nymphs of mountain streams, sweet swarming spirits of nature, keepers of oracular magic and wisdom, ancient bee goddesses ...

 More to come as the journey to CloudCatcher 2018 unfolds!


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