Next Scheduled: August 24-30, 2024
Location: Vermont
Country: USA
Ages: All ages, 7 day camp
August 20-27, 2022
All ages, 7 day camp

Saturday, August 24-30, 2024

Vermont Witchcamp 2024 Registration is OPEN

Embracing the Phoenix: Rekindling the Hearthfire of Community


‘A bird of fire lives inside of me and when the breaking happens it reminds me to step into the burning so that I may rise. '
There are times in our lives where our plans go astray. We lose ourselves, our community, our magic.
There are times when we feel like giving up, where trying is too hard, where stillness seems the only answer.
Embrace these times. The breaking, the stillness... these are only the openings to change, to your deep power. But first you must crack the shell of your old existence, step into the burning, welcome the flames of forging, and remember that you can fly.
For we all have the Phoenix inside of us, and together we must do the work to set it free.

img_3159Once a year, in the fullness of summer, 120 people gather in the Green Mountains of Vermont to create a magical pagan community called Vermont Witch Camp. VWC is ALL AGES and all genders.

Our vision, rooted in the magic of the Goddess as the Immanent Life Force, is based on the Reclaiming tradition of the Craft. The work we do together during the week gives us energy to grow and nurture ourselves, our wider world and to birth a vision of a new culture.

Reclaiming is a community of all genders working to unify spirit and politics. We agree as a community to abide by the Reclaiming Principles of Unity.


VWC fills up quickly once registration is open, so be sure to check the website below on a regular basis!

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