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Lughnasadh Camp 2023 (earth art sky camp 2023)

Next Scheduled: July 22 -2 9, 2023
Location: Vöhringen (Bavaria)
Country: Germany
Ages: 16 and up

Camp Theme

Do you know your inexhaustible source of creativity? Do you dare to draw from it?
Or would you like to find out what personal creativity lies dormant in you?
Then join Lugh and us on the journey to bring the magic of your creativity into the world.

We travel together through the Celtic history of Lugh and his (foster) mother Tailtiu. We will not only discover our creative side, but also bring it into the world and integrate it into our everyday lives.

As the culmination and conclusion of this week, we reap the fruits of our creative labor in a grand Lughnasadh celebration.

Teachers: Margit, Pe

Creative Workshops

This year a slightly different camp structure jumps to mind: instead of paths, we have different types of workshops. Some we participate in all together, some in small groups.

In these workshops we want to:

  • be creative together and try out different disciplines from the fields of visual arts, music, writing and more
  • Deepen experiences in order to find, strengthen or expand one’s own magical-creative expression
  • and experience different methods of shaping art as a powerful magical tool – even beyond its own inherent magic
Since we want to offer the widest possible range of different art forms, we are particularly pleased to have won Peti Songcatcher as a special guest!

Creative Team: Peti, Martin, Margit, Pe

Camp Info

Arrival: Sat June 22nd between 12:30 and 14:00
Departure: Sat June 29th between 14:30 und 17:00

Contribution towards expenses: 550€ / social tariff 275€
(including board and lodging)

The Camp follows the current regulations of Germany and Bavaria with regards to coronavirus. 
Please make a Covid-19 rapid test before you arrive!
We are also planning test rounds in which all participants and teachers will regularly test themselves.
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This is a camp for beginners AND advanced participants!

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