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Love Lore Reclaiming WitchCamp

Next Scheduled: 29 October to 4 November 2022
Location: Ardennes Forest in a castle
Country: Belgium
Ardennes Forest in a castle
29 October to 4 November 2022

Shadow, Transformation, Ancestry, Tricksters and Intimacy. A Ghostly Meeting…

We are searching for allies to weave with us the web of connection: human and more-than-human, seen and unseen, dead or alive… We invite all (aspirant-) witches, sorcerex, shamans, curandeiras, teachers, healers, fairies and other creatures, to join us on this journey into the dark, in search of our wild selves, our power and creativity to nourish ourselves and our communities back to life. 

In this world in crisis, more than ever, we need our communities to reshape their relation to the world and to each other. To shapeshift their engagement to fit the circumstances. To face reality in all its mystifying manifestations. The LOVELORE Reclaiming Witch Camp is a Celebration, an invitation to dive deep into our darkness and shadows and reconnect to our ancestral lineage and the land. At Samhain we celebrate and dance in the twilight zone between the living and the (un)dead. It is a time of tricksters and transformation, a time to play with your hidden desires, to shapeshift between animal, vegetative, gender, and other shadow states. It is a time to dress up and surrender to the Spirit, to dance yourself into oblivion and embrace the mysteries of the dark. 

It is in the shadows, when facing our fears, that we  find our power. In the process of shedding old skins, identities, ideologies, body images, to make space for the new, our rebirth. Darkness carries the creative potential from which all emerges: when things turn dark, shapes dissolve into nothingness, and there is nothing more to understand or to do. From there, we allow for ideas to appear renewed, for actions to surface from the depths. In the twilight zone our dreams are being conceived as seeds for the next cycle.

Surrender to the dark, to resurface alight. 


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